6/27/14 - Camden, NJ // Backstage


Hazel didn’t really evolve very much in the design process, but here’s some early sketches of her from 2010-2011.

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andreabarber: TBT My Senior prom, 1994. The Full House producers rearranged the shooting schedule to shoot all of my scenes first so I could attend my prom. The hair & make-up crew primped me up. My date Ben and I took pictures in front of the fake fireplace on the living room set. Then the cast took this group shot and sent us on our way. One of my favorite memories EVER. ❤️


Bringing this back. Have your impressions on the HGs changed since Day 1?





i’m currently re-watching Blackfish, and then i’m going to watch Lolita: Slave to Entertainment. does anybody know of any other documentaries focusing on cetacean captivity?

A Whale of a Business and A Fall From Freedom are both good ones, and they’re on YouTube.

Don’t forget the cove! It’s 1/2 cetacean captivity, 1/2 dolphin slaughter.

My Favourite — Taylor Swift albums.


me:*remembers i’m not actually friends with 1d*

me:*is hella surprised*



Donny’s brother Tommy writing about Donny and the true friends Donny made in the house :Zach,Hayden,Paola,Brittany,Jocasta,


Kingdom Hearts I - Worlds

Part 2/2

Part 1


Donny’s goodbye messages to the evicted house guests.